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Achieve your optimal wellness with our
smartphone application, AnemoCheck Mobile.

Why anemia sucks

1.62 BILLION PEOPLE are affected by anemia each year, causing symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, and irregular heartbeats.

At home healthcare is more important than ever.

AnemoCheck Mobile
makes it easy

Our groundbreaking technology measures the color of your fingernail capillary beds, which correlates to how much hemoglobin you have in your body at any time. 


DoorMuncherVerified Reviewer

"I actually have high hemoglobin at 18.1 so this would actually allow me to get a ballpark estimate of how I’m doing. It of course isn’t a blood panel but some idea is better than waiting 3 months before my next appointment."

Britt McilwainVerified Reviewer

"I think it's a wonderful app. I feel better just knowing about the app. so simple and straightforward you can't go wrong, thanks a million times over for even thinking of making an app like this one. I can't say it enough..... thank you."

Nanny BVerified Reviewer

"Wow! Great app! Absolutely genius! Thank you. It's amazing to be able to get real time estimates of my hemoglobin at home."

Lee RaspotnikVerified Reviewer

"Just had my hgb checked this AM, it was 11.6 , the app just gave me an 11.5 . Wow, save me some serious medical expenses."

Sheree GroveVerified Reviewer

"Wow!! I have to say I'm very amazed because I am anemic and it was absolutely the same numbers that I got when I was tested last week, it really does work and accurate, I give this app 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Pauln_josh_momVerified Reviewer

"This app is very accurate. I have a rare disease of blood, comparing hospital blood lab results with Sanguina app is very accurate. This app has helped me save trips and money costs to the hospital for a blood draw. This is a rare app for all of us that constantly need to check blood hemoglobin levels. A prayer answered."

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