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AnemoCheck Mobile is the first wellness app that estimates your likelihood of iron deficiency anemia with a fingernail selfie.

By tracking your iron score as it changes over time, you can make decisions that promote a healthy lifestyle and optimize your health.

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Optimize your health and get 50% more accurate results with your unique algorithm.

It calibrates every time you upload lab tests and take a fingernail selfie.


Virginia VossVerified Reviewer

"I just wanted to say this app works great before I got my blood work done. This morning I took a test with your app and my hemoglobin came back exactly the same. Just wanted to give you good feedback."

Jennifer MastersVerified Reviewer  

"This app has been helpful. I get blood work done 2 to 3 times a year. I use it to monitor my iron score in between labs. I have compared readings from this app with my lab results and it is almost dead on."

Lori GrayVerified Reviewer  

"I have used you app 11.5 so yes I’m low and this helps me to maintain my iron before it gets too low! Thank you for this. If it is under 15 I try to eat more iron with my iron supplement to help maintain better health."

Sharon Graham-MowryVerified Reviewer  

"Fantastic app, a dream come true for me. I have hemolytic anemia, cold agglutinin disease. These are pretty accurate results I check daily. Thank you."

GonzologicVerified Reviewer  

"One week in and so far, it’s been super easy to use on a daily basis. I’m an athlete training for a marathon and sometimes my runs make me anemic. Testing before and after my runs is super useful as I manage my iron intake via diet and supplements. Thank you AnemoCheck Mobile!"

Tonya_3Verified Reviewer  

"You have to create an account first but then it really does just take a pic of your fingernails (skin tone doesn’t matter) and give you an iron score. No needles!!!"


Magic (no, we’re kidding). We actually created an algorithm that measures the paleness of your nail beds, which correlates to an iron score. And because we’re not magicians, we’re happy to share our secrets in peer-reviewed scientific journal publications.

Iron score correlates to your likelihood of iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia based on the paleness of your fingernail beds.

Not at all! Use whichever you’re comfortable with, so long as you use one at a time.

Unfortunately, no. We love a good manicure but our technology can’t read through that stunning color you have on.

Nope! AnemoCheck Mobile has been proven to work on all skin tones so anyone can use it.

Yes, and you should so the two of you can make important health decisions.

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The basic subscription is a free (limited use) version, and the premium subscription offers exclusive features.

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Get 50% more accurate results with your unique algorithm. It calibrates every time you upload lab tests and take a fingernail selfie.