We create access to your health and wellness through easy-to-use devices.

People should have more access to their health and be able to use that information to maintain their health and wellness and live their best life possible. Sanguina is focused on parameters that have the potential to become vital signs—like pulse or blood pressure—that can be measured wherever, whenever.

Why "Sanguina"?

It kind of sounds like Sangria, right? The word “Sanguina,” like sangria, is derived from the Spanish, Latin and Romanian words for blood. Additionally, the English word “sanguine” means optimistic or positive. We’ve chosen Sanguina as our company name because of our focus on developing a range of technologies for indications that are typically associated with blood. We are a forward-looking and optimistic team who believes our work has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of our users.

Our Story

Sanguina was founded to help people like us, and people like you. Our team is personally connected to health and wellness, and we are passionate about empowering people to take control of their health and wellness right at their fingertips. 

Our technologies were developed within the biomedical engineering and pediatrics departments at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, the Centers for Disease Control and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Our multidisciplinary team has developed AnemoCheck from the ground up. We have published scientific findings and initial clinical assessments. We are transparent and let our science do the talking. From all of us at Sanguina, we’re pleased to meet you.

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Our mission

Sanguina exists to empower people to learn more about and take action on their health, through accessible science and technology.

Want to take part in Sanguina's development?