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"I think it's a wonderful app. I feel better just knowing about the app. so simple and straightforward you can't go wrong, thanks a million times over for even thinking of making an app like this one. I can't say it enough..... thank you."

Britt Mcilwain

"I like this app because it is so easy to use."

FLOYD-Master-of- Dragons

"Wow! Great app! Absolutely genius! Thank you. It's amazing to be able to get real time estimates of my hemoglobin at home."

Nanny B

"Amazing. Matches blood test kit without drawing blood."

Joe Anastasio

"I just wanted to say this app works great before I got my blood work done. This morning I took a test with your app and my hemoglobin came back exactly the same. Just wanted to give you good feedback."

-Virginia Voss

"Just had my hgb checked this AM, it was 11.6 , the app just gave me an 11.5 . Wow, save me some serious medical expenses."

Lee Raspotnik

"This really works!! I had a CBC done yesterday and my lab results matched the results of this!!"

Tannas Crissler

"Very user friendly. The results were very accurate compared to my recent lab results from my physical."

-Joy Marie M

"One week in and so far, it’s been super easy to use on a daily basis. I’m an athlete training for a marathon and sometimes my runs make me anemic. Testing before and after my runs is super useful as I manage my iron intake via diet and supplements. Thank you AnemoCheck!"


Since using this to track my hemoglobin I’ve noticed better performance in the gym, specifically in powerlifting. Never knew my iron mattered so much!! Would recommend it to anyone who competes at a high level.

Anemic Powerlifter