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Meet the Sanguina founders who are passionate about health and wellness at your fingertips.

AnemoCheck during COVID-19

See how AnemoCheck helped our founders during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Erika Tyburski

Erika A. Tyburski, BS

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Erika has had iron deficiency anemia since childhood, and grew frustrated by the lack of simple anemia testing and management solutions for people like herself. She co-founded Sanguina as a spin-out from Georgia Tech and Emory University and leads our team focus: The development and launch of wellness and diagnostic tools like AnemoCheck, a color-based disposable screening tool for anemia; AnemoCheck Mobile, a revolutionary new, non-invasive mobile app for screening and tracking anemia; and other tools that empower people to learn about and act on their health through accessible science and technology. Erika earned her degree in biomedical engineering from Georgia Tech, and has been at the helm of Sanguina ever since, employing her technical and entrepreneurial skills for hands-on execution of preclinical and clinical assessments, regulatory studies and strategies, quality management, systems development, company operations, funding management, and team expansion.

Wilbur Lam headshot

Wilbur A. Lam, MD, Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer
& Co-Founder

Wilbur is a bioengineer and clinical pediatric hematologist/oncologist who is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine and Georgia Tech; as well as an attending physician in the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Dr. Lam leads an interdisciplinary laboratory dedicated to developing innovative and inexpensive diagnostics for hematologic diseases. Wilbur serves as Chief Medical Officer of Sanguina and continues to supervise the technical development of the AnemoCheck platform.

"My personal goal is to create and provide access to solutions that enable, educate, and empower people with information about their health."

—Erika Tyburski, Co-Founder

Robert Mannino

Robert Mannino, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Rob suffers from beta thalassemia major, a genetic blood disorder that causes him to be severely anemic and requires that he receive regular blood transfusions. His experience living with this disease motivates him to develop diagnostic technologies for anemia that can improve quality of life. Rob earned his PhD in biomedical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, has extensive experience in computational analysis, and leads development of our AnemoCheck Mobile product. Rob serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Sanguina and is committed to making it easier for people to maintain healthy lifestyles through technology. Along with Erika, Rob was named to the 2020 Forbes “30 Under 30” Healthcare list for his work on this innovative technology. 

Rene Gonzalez

René González

Chief Financial Officer

René is an entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience serving senior-level roles in finance, marketing, and development for numerous startups. His connection to Sanguina is personal: Frustrated with the lack of easy, at-home anemia tests, René and his wife—who has dealt with anemia throughout her life—discovered Sanguina while researching emerging biomedical technologies. René has joined Sanguina as CFO focused on the financial model, funding, and business development, and is an early investor in the company. René received both his undergraduate degree and MBA at MIT.  

Tom S. Stribling

Advisor & Co-Founder

Tom has over twenty-five years of experience in the health care industry, and companies he led have consistently reached successful and profitable liquidity through sale to larger corporations.  Prior to Sanguina, he started three other companies and joined three companies in turn-around situations.  All of these experiences were at the President and/or CEO level. 

Andrew Lyon

Andrew Lyon, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Andrew is the Founding Dean of the Fowler School of Engineering at Chapman University in Orange, CA, where he is also a Professor of Chemistry. He was formerly Dean of the College of Science at Chapman, and served as Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Georgia Tech, where he was instrumental in the early development of Sanguina. Andrew holds seven issued U.S. patents and has extensive experience in bioanalytical chemistry, materials science, biomaterials, and in vitro diagnostics. He currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer of Sanguina.

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